We’re in our final week of the #YoliFromHome Transformation Challenge, and we’re encouraging you to transform your life overall! Oftentimes, the people we surround ourselves with can encourage us to change for the worse or for the better. Today we’re talking about building a good support system.


When building your support system, it’s important to be sure that it’s based off of genuine and meaningful connections. We all have acquaintances that we’ve met in one way or another, but they might not be the best people to add to your support system. It’s important to place people that you really know and connect with into your ring of supporters! While it’s never bad to have casual acquaintances, it’s important to place the most dependency on those you know best.

That doesn’t mean that those casual acquaintances can’t someday make their way into that inner ring—check out the link above for ways to make more meaningful connections with others!


When building a support system, it’s important to do your best to be vulnerable. If you aren’t open when you need that extra support, they won’t be able to help you! Even if you’re having a hard time articulating your feelings or struggles, just being honest and telling someone you’re having a hard time is a good step in the right direction.

When seeking support, it’s also important to share your triumphs! We tend to find it easier to complain about the hard things going on. But sharing your wins with those in your circle can also help spread positivity and give them the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments! Remember, there should be a balance in everything. Be vulnerable with both the positive and negative things going on in your world.


Remember, nobody likes one-sided relationships. As important as it is for you to have good, supporting people in your life, it’s just as important for YOU to be a good and supporting person! Think about your current relationships. When it comes to helping each other out, does it tend to go both ways? Or is it all you or the other person constantly asking for help? If it’s the latter, try to find a way to balance things out. Work on asking for help more often, or encourage the other person to be more vulnerable with you. You never know where it might take your relationship!

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