Do you ever wish you had kept a better journal? Whether you wish you’d documented a life-changing trip or written down the details of your wedding day, there are so many details that slip away after just a few days or weeks pass. And, if you not only want to keep better journal entries for yourself, but also for your family, there are some tried-and-true tips to help you capture those moments better. Keep reading to learn how to keep a better journal.

Write Soon and Write Often

You might think you’ll remember all the details later, but you’d be surprised what you may forget in just a few days. Whether you want to remember every moment of the day you had your first child, or have a place to document your thoughts during a strange time in history (ahem, right now), writing as soon as you can is important. The details will be fresh and you’ll be able to go back and see progress if you keep writing consistently. Get into the habit of keeping a journal, not just when you think something “important” is happening. So much of life is those small moments!

Include Your Feelings

Some people focus on the facts when they journal, which is a good place to start. But, what makes the difference between a document and a journal is the story element. Include your feelings and the story behind the topic. For example, if you’re including the birth time of your baby, talk about what it felt like to be woken up in the middle of the night! Were you nervous? Excited? Extremely calm? These details help trigger your memory of the event, so when you read about it, you’ll find yourself back in the moment.

Spend Time on the Details

Speaking of details, make sure you include them! These are the smells, the feelings, the sound of the leaves, or anything that helps you remember the scene. 

Even better, details help bring in family members or anyone else you may share your journal with. If you’re planning on journaling as a way to document an important event, remember that your witness can be extremely helpful for others to learn about history. Include details, statistics, and your personal experience to make a strong journal.

Do you keep a journal? Let us know in the comments!