We at Yoli don’t believe in diets—we believe in healthy lifestyles. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is listening to your body and what it needs to fuel itself. We’re currently on week 5 of the #YoliFromHome Transformation Challenge, and we’re challenging you to work toward optimal health. Let’s talk about intuitive eating!


When intuitively eating, it’s important to know what your body is asking for. While this doesn’t mean we should give in to every craving we come across, it does mean that you should eat when you’re hungry. When you wait until you’re absolutely starving to feed yourself, it’s a lot easier to overeat or choose less healthy options. Snacking throughout the day can help keep you satisfied and feeling your best. 

For properly fueling your body, we suggest regularly snacking on protein-filled foods such as cheese, nuts, or meat. Crunchy greens are also a great option! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. 


As we mentioned above, intuitive eating isn’t about just eating whatever you want. You still need to be giving your body plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. Something that can help with that, and make your intuitive eating journey more successful, is by making sure you have your fridge and pantry stocked properly. Making sure you have lots of fruits and veggies, protein options, and healthy fats and carbs will make fueling your body a lot easier. Having a treat or two stocked up isn’t a bad idea either! Remember, it’s all about balance. 


One of the big motivators behind intuitive eating is getting rid of guilt. It’s important to do away with the idea that there are good foods and bad foods. Everything is okay in moderation! Do what you can to fuel your body with what it really needs, but don’t feel guilty for treating yourself from time to time. The type of food you eat doesn’t determine your worth as a human being!

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